torsdag 18 maj 2017

Show and tell - uppgift i engelska

Your task is:
  • to bring an object from your home
  • to show it to the class
  • to present your item to your classmates in an interesting way (suggestions: describe it,  talk about where/how you got it, what it means to you, etc.)
  • 3-4 minutes
The dates:
  • 31/5: kl. 12.15 - Diana, Zache, Emmie, Sara, Dominik och Virve
  • 31/5: kl. 12.55 - Donika, Beata, Noa, Jesper, Andrei, Sakina, Vilma och Oscar
  • 29/5: kl. 8.20 - Lano, Lukas, Viktor, Kevin, Oliver, Rozina ochTure
Please tell me if someone is missing from the list:)

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