onsdag 23 november 2016

Lesson - Wednesday

First of all, the following people must do the pre-test on Readtheory.org:
Zacke, Dominik, Ture and Lano
LOG IN to your accounts before you do this, otherwise you will just have to do it again.

The rest of you (and Zacke, Dominik, Ture and Lano when you have finished the task above) will follow the instructions in the presentation below where you get to practise vocabulary. There will be a homework quiz on this on this next Wednesday so do the exercises as well as you can.

Use the document "False Friends" that I shared with you. If you didn't get it, create your own (name it: "False Friends - your name" and share it with me.

When you have finished - use Readtheory.com to practise your reading!

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