onsdag 24 augusti 2016

Writing a story

I want you to write a short, fictional story with a clear beginning and end. To get you going, I have given you a few suggestions below. Pick one from each category and use them to create your story. Divide your story into suitable paragraphs (stycken).

This is where my character lives:
1 - on a small island
2 - on a house boat
3 - in Turning Torso
4 - on a farm
5 - in an enchanted forest

My character has a secret:
1 - I haven't been outside in seven years
2 - I once killed a cat
3 - My second name is Rumplestiltskin
4 - I am in love with my dentist
5 - I don't know how to ride a bike
6 - I have webbed feet

The story should contain the following thing:
1 - a bathing suit
2 - a magnifying glass
3 - a broken cell phone
4 - a bouquet of flowers
5 - a pair of scissors
6 - a map

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