tisdag 30 augusti 2016

News Items I

Read the instructions carefully. All the information and help you should need is in this blog post. At the bottom of the post, I have created groups and appointed times for when you should do your oral presentations. We will do the presentations in smaller groups

Task goal

- träna på att muntligt uttrycka sig varierat, tydligt och strukturerat (så att de som lyssnar kan få en korrekt bild av vad nyhetsartikeln går ut på)
- träna på att förbereda ett tal
- träna på att välja texter och redogöra muntligt för ett innehåll
- träna på att läsa och tolka uppgifter

Oral task for next week
  • Pick a news item (nyhetsartikel) that you find interesting. The news item should 
    • come from an online newspaper
    • from an English-speaking country,
    • be about that country
    • have taken place during the last week of this year.
    • should contain information that teaches you new things about the country
  • A document called "News item I" has been given to you. This document is the only thing you can bring as help during your presentation.  Add 15 keywords (not sentences) at the most to the document. See my example below.
  • Send me the link to your article on Friday at the end of this lesson. The article must be approved (godkänd) by me before you send it.
  • Prepare and practice your speech so you can present your news item in class to a small group. 
  • Your presentation should include:
    • a background so that people can understand the context of the article
    • a summary of what the news article reports
    •  what you learnt about the country from the news item.
  • Practise at home and/or with another classmate!

This is a small task, but it will still be used for grading. If you feel you need to practise more before being graded, please tell me. The knowledge demands for this task can be found in IST Lärande (Dexter). We will do the same task again, later this semester with a new article so that you can improve your performance.


- This is a link where you can see which countries have English as an official language
- The easiest way to find a newspaper is to google "country name newspaper" and Google will come up with suggestions for you.

Here, I give an example presentation:


Below, you can see an example of the key words I used - please note that there are no more than 15 WORDS on the paper.

These are the groups and times for your presentations:

Sakina, Noa, Amanda, Jesper, Oliver (Monday, Sep 12, 8.00-8.30
Lukas, Emmie, Donika, Viktor, Vilma, Dominik (Monday, Sep 12, 8.30-9.05)
Rosina, Oscar, Lano, Andrei, Ture, Virve (Wednesday, Sep 14, 13.10-13.45)
Sara, Beata, Kevin, Zacke, Diana, Henor (Wednesday, Sep 14, 13.45-14.20)

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